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Embregts Transport is a specialized transporter for the Benelux. For this we have the right people and the right equipment at our disposal. Furthermore, we are also specialized in warehousing. Here we can serve the customer's specific needs.

In summary, these are the features / characteristics of Embregts BV (For more detailed information see the menu items, services, fleet and history):

  • Industrial location Vosdonk Etten-Leur 
  • Specialized in transport regarding to the Benelux 
  • Flexibility and quality with respect to deliveries 
  • Transport Wallonië and Luxembourgo on the days Monday, Wednesday and Friday 
  • Specialized in the field of warehousing 
  • Availability of a storage area of ​​20,000 m² 
  • Embregts BV also has access to an extensive fleet

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